The need to convert the complexity of a bathroom, a traditional process to an industrial process is what is behind the inspiration of the Alt_bath team, with the collaboration of designers, architects, decorators, engineers and installers. Extensive experience on an international scale guarantees its new concept in the construction of bathrooms: with the absence of construction work, that is modular, adaptable and ready in 24 hours.

How was Alt_bath created?

Alt_bath was a result of two needs: one resulting from the recession, from the need to reinvent a company that until that time, specialised in property development. The second was a result of the observance of the process of bathroom construction.

What can Alt_bath provide?

Essentially, this is a new bathroom concept, that is a move away from a traditional process as an inflexible industrial product, such as prefabricated bathroom cabins.

What is the concept? What does this consist of?

It consists of creating a grand design bathroom, with the adaptability offered by modular solutions, installable without construction work, all within 24 hours.

How can you create a bathroom in 24 hours?

There are fundamentally two reasons. The first one is due to the fact that all the elements are pre-industrialised, allowing quick, on-site assembly; and, secondly, thanks to the coordination of a single team that performs al the assembly.

Which markets do Alt_bath focus on for bathroom construction?

Alt_bath provides satisfactory solution for both new construction and refurbishment of multiple market segments. They are natural markets, both hotels and public buildings and individual houses.

Is Alt_bath a product or a service?

It is in fact both of these things, due to the fact that we sell a solution that includes both physical products and installation In reality, the project is a turnkey bathroom.

Is it possible to customise an industrialised bathroom?

In today’s world, we cannot consider industrial processes that do not offer flexibility. Adaptability to each context is a must, which is exactly what you obtain, thanks to the modularity and variety of finishes of Alt_bath.

Who created Alt_bath? Who is behind the projects?

Alt_bath was created by three shareholders: Marian Altirriba, from the property developer Altico, Rosa Altirriba, from the property developer Altmark and Xavier Torra CEO of Simon Holding.
However, the team of people involved in our projects is much broader. From design teams to engineers, decorators, architects and industry experts with all staff
operating on site.



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